Graphic Design

A good business should be well dressed, that's where I can help. Graphic Design is the core of what I do, it's what I think about and why I put two feet on the ground every day. I can help your business with:

Corporate Identity / branding

Marketing collateral

Event and display material

Point of Sale

Print advertising

Electronic Marketing

Customer and stakeholder engagement happens more and more by electronic means. We've all seen the figures. I create and build customised email communications for large and small businesses, including channel communications, event information, newsletters and content marketing. I can supply the code, help you get set-up with a service provider or work within your existing email or CRM system.


I work with institutions, self-publishers and independent magazines, designing and producing  art catalogues, journals, annual reports, yearbooks and quarterly magazines. Maybe it's nostalgia, but it seems there's nothing quite like the aroma of layer upon layer of freshly cut paper...


Large web projects are a team effort. I'm the part of the team that designs the user-interface. I work with and for website developers who are highly skilled in planning and delivering interactive projects.